Phonics schemes used at Hague Bar 

Phonics play and Jolly Phonics

Year 2 Phonics schemes:
Letters and Sounds document is the main point of reference but LCP
phonic planning is used for the higher group and Read Write Inc. 

Phonics Play is used, via an online subscription, for some
additional planning and interactive games whenever appropriate.

Floppy's Phonics from ORT (Oxford reading Tree) is linked to letters and
sounds and is used as guided
reading material.

Reading Schemes.

Our main scheme is Oxford Reading Tree which covers a wide range of
genre, including poetry, plays, phonics, non-fiction books, fairy tales and
contains some challenging reads too.

In addition, for Key Stage 1, Hague Bar use Jelly and Bean and Bangers
and Mash.  We also have some Soundstart.

For Key Stage 2 we use Fuzzbuzz.  Wolf Hill (from Oxford) is used as
a guided reading book scheme.

We also have some older schemes such as Skyways and Wellington Square -
which can be used to supplement if appropriate.

To find out more about any aspect of Hague Bar's curriculum please contact the Headteacher.