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Mrs Parry - Hassop Class Teacher


A little bit about me….


I began teaching in 1996 at a Beacon school in London.  A few years later, I relocated to my northern roots, married and began my family.  Since this time, I have mostly taught part-time in various roles throughout pre-school, EYFS, KS1 and KS2 phases and also home tutored secondary children for English.

I’ve lived in Roadwork City (otherwise known as Poynton) since 2002 with my husband and two teenage children.  My household is quite busy with a cocker spaniel and 4 rabbits.  All of my pets are named after food, so we have: Cookie, Fudge, Maple, Truffle and Oreo.

A side-line of mine is fostering rabbits for a rehoming charity, meaning that I temporarily give unwanted rabbits a place to stay whilst permanent homes are sought. 

In my free-time, I love going to the theatre and have at least one trip to London a year to catch up on new or favourite musicals.  Week to week though, I enjoy the simple pleasures of a cup of tea and piece of cake whilst sitting in my garden, stroking my dog and watching the rabbits hop.