Our History

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We know that there was a school in existence at Strines Print Works as early as 1854 and that it was managed by the Strines Print Works Company. This was closed on 2nd May 1879 when the furniture was removed to the 'New School' at Hague Bar. This was officially opened on Monday 5th May 1879.

The original building and extension now houses the hall and library, classes Haddon, Hartington and Hardwick, the staff room, the toilets and cloakrooms; the new offices and staff room are located on our newly acquired first floor. Hassop class is housed in a refurbished terrapin, which is due to be demolished in 2013, and replaced with a £450,000 new build extension. There have been renovations in recent years but the character of the old building has been preserved.

Hague Bar School is just inside the Derbyshire border. It lies between the town of New Mills in Derbyshire and Strines in Cheshire. The school is situated on the edge of the countryside and enjoys stunning views of fields and distant hills.

Hague Bar has a highly successful academic record, an enterprising curriculum and well deserved reputation for exemplary behaviour amongst the pupils. Copies of Ofsted reports are available from the school office and on the Internet.

We are proud of, and celebrate, the achievements of our children, both in and out of the classroom.