Thank you to those of you who will want to support your child’s learning, both in and out of school.  

Whether your support is with homework and/or additional activities, it will be invaluable so thank you! It is so valuable to work as a team to support your child’s learning and development and really does make a difference for all concerned with the education of children at Hague Bar.  

However, after a long day at school we know that things can prove challenging at times and it is often difficult to help your child to remain focussed. I hope that the points below will help to further support you and your child or simply to reassure you that you’re already doing positive things to allow your child to get the best out of their learning opportunities. 

Homework works best if you can work with your child rather than them completing it on their own. It can often serve as an insight into what they have been doing at school, for those who ‘can’t remember’ or ‘have done nothing’ during their time at school!

Try and pick a good time to do homework when your child is not too tired, is preferably in a good mood and not when their favourite programme is on! It may be the case that homework is best approached at a set time each day, so there is a clear structure similar to the boundaries at school; whatever works best for your child is the ‘right’ thing to do.  

When tackling homework try and allow your child to take the lead and give them the opportunity to see how much they can do independently. You can step in if they need something reading or need help with explaining something.

We try to give homework in manageable amounts but if it proves too much please split homework into practicable chunks. After a long day at school your child is likely to ‘switch off’ if expected to do too long a stint of homework at a time.  

Link the learning to your daily routine/activities. For example, with younger children it may be using real money when helping to count out the correct amount to pay at a shop; helping you to write the shopping list; counting out the right number of plates when laying the dinner table. Older children can still do all of these things, though they would do these things with more independence and, for example, using larger amounts of money or working out change etc.

Counting games and rhymes are all things that you probably already do with your child and because they are so valuable to reinforce learning please keep on playing the games and singing those favourite rhymes. Challenge your children in making up new ones.  

Most of all - have fun and be positive. Praise, praise and more praise is the answer, it is so much more effective than criticism and usually puts a smile on both your face and theirs!

Thank you for your continuing support, together we are an unbeatable team.